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The Therapeutic Nurse™

Photo by hiro-k/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by hiro-k/iStock / Getty Images


Use this website as a resource tool for engaging in productive alone time for personal growth and development.  Read the blog for other ways to be your authentic self, to live a more therapeutic life, and how to implement creativity and kindness into your day. Blog Series Breakdown

The Mission

To provide techniques for therapeutic living and facilitate creativity.

The Vision

To create a world where everyone can live as their authentic selves with no shame.

The Values

Everyone is worthy and capable of brilliant #Resilience.



Hi, my name is Hols.  I provide creative selfcare coaching to help you calm your anxiety, decrease stress, ground, heal from PTSD, prevent professional burnout, and use creative expression for recovery.

Art, writing, and mindfulness helped raise a voice inside of me that I suppressed for too long because I didn't believe I was worthy of #Resilience. My hope is to illuminate therapeutic living for those souls ready to rise from the ashes.

I’m a Registered Nurse, published writer & poet, mental health advocate, playlist enthusiast, art journal junkie, mom, and founder of The Therapeutic Nurse™. After a research focus of creative art interventions across the lifespan at Duke University, I earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  I also hold a B.A. in Journalism and M.A. in Political Science from Eastern Illinois University.


The Therapeutic Nurse™ is not an art therapy or a medical program. We do not guide, interpret, diagnose or try to work through problems. We provide creative techniques for therapeutic living based on research in the nursing, medical, and social science fields.  We aim to get the creative process started – a push for one to self-explore with different activities that promote mindfulness and wellbeing. The Therapeutic Nurse™ is dedicated to providing coping strategies and education on how to properly implement them. These are not diagnostic tools or replacements for counseling, therapy, medical, or other holistic approaches – but a supplement to enhancing one’s health, self-awareness, and quality of life.

It is of your own free will and risk to read this website and implement any recommendations. The Therapeutic Nurse™ and Hols Thomas are not held responsible for you reading, implementing techniques, and/or taking advice.  This is not medical advice, but an opinion blog.  The content on this website reflects the personal opinions on creative nursing and self-care. No opinion is that of the author's current or past employer. All blog post are copyrighted articles. If you would like permission to use any part of the copyrighted intellectual property, please press on the red contact button above.

The Therapeutic Nurse™ strives to be an online hub for self-help resources, education, awareness, and support.  Individuals are encouraged to seek local mental health professionals for additional assistance. The Therapeutic Nurse™ in no way takes the place of a licensed art therapist, counselors of any sort, or medical providers. Although The Therapeutic Nurse™ may not be a mandated reporter, any abuse allegations will be reported appropriately to DCFS or Adult Protected Services. The National Suicide Hotline is 800-273-8255. There is no shame in reaching out for help. There is no shame in needing to talk about it.