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Mindfulness Activities for Creative Self-care

Why aren’t we playing anymore?  Remember the joy you had as a child doing random things in the moment that you didn’t plan out or pay for? 

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Types of Creative Writing for Selfcare
Selfcare Awareness Quiz

Answer the following questions in a journal to become more aware of your current self-care status.

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How Art Journaling Benefits Your Physical Body & Emotional Wellbeing

Ground yourself in the moment and alleviate any anxiety lingering from work.

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How to Start an Art Journal: 10 Steps to Therapeutic Living

10 Steps to Therapeutic Living

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Understanding the Anatomy of Trust: How to Build a Better Connection

No one deserves their story spread around like a virus. We need to build trust with each other by respecting ALL stories.

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Courage to be Imperfect Sparks Connections

I want to shout out my story... But I haven’t yet.  The timing has always been off. But honestly, if I had all day every day – I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t. Why? Because that’s scary shit.

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The Myth of Vulnerability

VULNERABILITY IS AT THE CORE OF SHAME.  Vulnerability is an emotional risk to exposure (showing our authentic selves) and shame is the fear of disconnection. 

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Vulnerability, Courage, & Shame: The Fear of Disconnection

Dr. Brene Brown defines vulnerability as “emotional risk exposure uncertainty it fuels our daily lives… our most accurate measurement of courage”

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