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Mindfulness Broken Down

To be mindful, is to be aware of something. Mindfulness is the quality of the mental state of awareness one reaches. There are various definitions of the term that dive deep in all that mindfulness encompasses, but Operation No Shame concentrates on the therapeutic technique of what it can bring to your life. After much research on the subject, I contrived a long and short definition.


  1. An evidence-based way of living that cultivates positive benefits for our health and happiness by being purposely present in the moment.

  2. The lifestyle of living in the moment for the moment with no judgements.

Let’s break it down by key terms and phrases for further understanding.

Definition #1

  • Evidence-based: Science has proven the technique works
  • Way of living: more than a practice, but how we live every day
  • Cultivates positive benefits: therapeutic
  • Health and happiness: wellbeing
  • Being purposely present: consciously directing our awareness
  • In the moment: in present time (NOW!)

Definition #2

  • Lifestyle: the habits and attitudes that establishes the mode of living of an individual
  • Living in the moment: being deliberately aware of where we are, who we are with, and what we are doing right then and there (mind not wandering to the past or future)
  • For the moment: embracing the sensations of living in the moment
  • No judgements: observing the moment without judging the experience as good or bad; we can acknowledge if the experience is pleasant or unpleasant, but letting go of the judgments that accompany that acknowledgment

So what’s the difference between mindfulness and awareness? Purposefulness.

We need to be able to direct our awareness for purpose to achieve a mindful state. In order to be mindful, we need to let go of the past which no longer exists. That moment is over. You cannot physically live in the past. You can only experience the present moment because the future is just a fantasy.

Operation No Shame offers several creative self-care activities to help guide you into living in the moment. Check some out and practice the art of being mindful.