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Not a Role Model, But a Tale of Resilience

I graduate Duke University today! What a long winding, messy road I’ve taken to get here. But I made it…whole. Although I don’t want to turn this blog into my own personal dumpster for my emotions (that’s what my art journal is for), I want to tell you that through the wandering in my adolescence to the taboo years of my young adulthood, I found myself in my flaws and failures. Am I role model? No. Am I successful? Depends on your definition. Am I resilient? Hella…

I ENCOURAGE you to fail and find yourself in those mistakes. I SUPPORT you being your wacky, authentic self and to make your own path against the whispers or the odds. The only way I made it to today was because I tuned out the haters and stayed true to myself (whether people liked me or not). Be KIND, COMPASSIONATE, and FORGIVING (especially to yourself).

Offbeat Expressions is my passion to share coping mechanisms that have helped me through some heavy shit. Therapeutic art and writing continue to work for me to calm the chaos in my mind. I also want to explore with you other kinds of therapeutic living concepts and find the science that backs it up. From relaxation techniques to fun ways to create art, I seek to learn more about how to make life suck less. Art, music, and writing make the shitty parts of life tolerable for me. Maybe you’ll vibe and it’ll work for you too. 

I spent two years at Duke researching wellness and therapeutic living to develop the concept of creative self-care prompts in an independent study. Now that I am done with clinicals and finals, I can finally have a consistent presence on this blog and build a social media platform to give you tools that can reduce stress, depression, and illness – always backed up by research and/or evidence-based practice.

It’s important to me that you know: You are WORTHY & You are ENOUGH.