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How Art Journaling Benefits Your Physical Body & Emotional Wellbeing

Self-care is a must to maintain your body’s homeostasis nature, prevent burnout, and enhance your overall wellbeing. Research shows that writing in a journal and creating art can both improve your physical and mental health.  So, why not combine them and start an art journal?!  I encourage playing around with different art styles and using prompts to guide your self-care session (especially when you feel too drained to be creative).  Ground yourself in the moment and alleviate any anxiety lingering from work.


Drawing and painting stimulate the brain, while the canvas provides a platform to express one's self with lines, shapes, color, and shade. Creative expression yields a meditative-like state of mind that can help you understand complex emotions and cope with unpleasant situations or the aftermath of trauma.


Therapeutic Photography is a mindful activity that involves photographic practices to enhance an individual’s wellness.  It increases self-awareness, builds self-esteem, reduces stress, and provides satisfaction, which in return increases your quality of life. Analyzing and reflecting on your own photo collection can guide personal healing and growth.



The art of handwriting is therapeutic in itself, but the creative writing process can also bring forth feelings seeded deep in your subconscious to your awareness. By acknowledging, examining, and analyzing your writing, you can identify problems and the core root of stressors from your own words and then work through them.


Evidence suggests that music has a healing power across the lifespan starting within the womb. Listening to music, singing, and playing instruments can reduce stress and pain, improve communication and memory as well as promote wellness. Handwriting and analyzing playlists intertwines music and writing therapy.


Creating a collage can reduce depression, release repressed feelings, calm anxiety, and resolve emotional issues. It’s a form of self-expression that can bring about clarity for those struggling with a haunting past.


Practicing minimalism can help you find freedom from your stuff and enhance your ability to live in the moment.  We assign too much emotion and meaning to our things, which can distract us from our life’s purpose and potential.  Take it one step at a time and write about each experience in your art journal.  Or draw the weight being lifted.  Letting go of stuff can be therapeutic like letting go of debilitating thoughts and behaviors.

On this blog, I plan to go in further in depth about the science behind each therapeutic technique and the different ways you can be #sloppyhonest to care for yourself.

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  • What art journaling techniques do you find beneficial?
  • What is keeping you from starting an art journal?