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How do you relax after work?  How do you cope with stress or burnout?

This blog’s mission is to provide techniques for therapeutic living and facilitate creativity.  I strive to bring you holistic coping strategies and mindful activities for balance, wellness, and grounding.  Do you suffer from anxiety, depression, or shame?  The road to #Resilience can start with a stroke of a pen or paint brush.

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Research finds that creative self-expression can decrease stress, improve health, and enhance your quality of life.  You serve others better when you first take care of yourself.  How in need are you of some self-care and self-love? 

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Self-care is a must to maintain your body’s homeostasis nature, prevent burnout, and enhance wellness.  Browse through the different forms of creative writing, poetry, music, visual arts, and mindfulness activities.  Set aside (at least) 5 minutes for yourself to unwind, reboot, and create.

Read the blog for other ways to be your authentic self, to live a more therapeutic life, and how to implement creativity and kindness into your nursing practice (or whatever it is you do).



Nursing school is a ride!  Between lectures, clinicals, exams, labs and studying NCLEX questions - there is little time for self-care.  But there are creative ways to implement love for yourself without adding to your "to do" list.  I'm cheering you on! 



OK busy superheroes, I know you know how important self-care is, but do you actually take time out for yourself?  Use this website as a resource tool for unwinding after work, coping through your own heavy stuff, or living in the present with a new hobby.



This site is for you too!  Learn about your body's responses (to stress, anxiety, depression, etc...) and how to use creativity to address them.  Use this website as a resource tool for engaging in productive alone time for personal growth and development.