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Build #Resilience & Heal through holistic practices (creative selfcare).

The purpose of this blog is to guide you on how to be your authentic self through therapeutic living. Learn to calm anxiety, decrease stress, ground, heal from PTSD, and use creative expression for recovery. Find your voice through creative writing, sound & music therapy, visual arts, poetry, mindfulness, and mantras.

How to Start an Art Journal

Research finds that creative self-expression can decrease stress, improve health, and increase your quality of life.  You serve others better when you first take care of yourself.  Set aside 5-15 minutes daily to unwind, reboot, and create.  Selfcare is a must to maintain your body’s homeostasis nature, prevent burnout, and enhance wellness. How in need are you of some selfcare and self-love?

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Journal Junkies

Every Monday I’ll post creative selfcare prompts for you to create in either your Art, Expressive Writing, Daily, and/or Playlist Journal.  Use a notebook, a three-ring binder, DIY or store bought and label one for each.  Keeping your creations organized helps remove the clutter and chaos.

Therapeutic Living

Tutorials on how to implement creative selfcare techniques and how your body, mind, & soul can benefit from them.  These art, grounding, and mindfulness techniques help build #resilience and healing.

Moon Jammies

Pajamas are a form of creative selfcare.  They’re therapeutic, am I right?  Comfortable, cozy, safe…they make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  Moon Jammies will be posted to coincide with the lunar cycle.  The focus is about how the moon’s energy during different phases can help bring about healing and tranquility for the energetically sensitive.  Questions and prompts will be provided for you to reflect on and create in your Lunar Journal.

Even if you don't believe in the idea of healing energy, the lunar cycle can facilitate selfcare by providing a motivational blueprint of when to rest and reflect, set intentions, build foundations, create, be active, let go, release and recharge. Follow along in your favorite pajamas and record your moon path in a Lunar Journal.

Nurse Blogs

A blog series for nurses and caregivers on how to implement creative selfcare into your practice for your patients, loved ones, and yourself.  Learn enjoyable holistic approaches to prevent burnout and compassion fatigue, reduce stress and anxiety, increase quality of life, and cultivate a healthy nurse culture in the workplace.

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