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How do you relax after work or school?  How do you cope with stress or burnout?

The purpose of this blog is to guide you on how to live a more therapeutic life in a busy world.  Browse through the different forms of creative writing, poetry, music & sound, visual arts, and mindfulness exercises all on one website.

Find your art.  Find your voice.  Find your thing. 

Tutorials will be posted on the different forms of art, creative writing, and mindfulness activities that can help you build #Resilience and rise from the ashes!  These holistic coping strategies can be enjoyable, relaxing, and grounding.  Do you suffer from anxiety? Depression? Shame? Stress?  The road to #Resilience can start with a stroke of a pen or paint brush.

How to Start an Art Journal

Research finds that creative self-expression can decrease stress, improve health, and increase your quality of life.  You serve others better when you first take care of yourself.  How in need are you of some selfcare and self-love?

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Set aside 5-15 minutes for yourself to unwind, reboot, and create EVERY DAY.  Selfcare is a must to maintain your body’s homeostasis nature, prevent burnout, and enhance wellness.